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Profile Generator

The Profile Generator can be used to generate a new group of profiles.

Generate Within This Area
The profiles are generated within a rectangular area oriented either north-south or east-west. The buffer distance is half the profile spacing so that all data in the area will be on one and only one profile.

These settings control the distribution and geometry of the generated profiles.
Profile Spacing: Distance between profiles in scene units. The first profile in the group will be placed half a spacing from the area defined above.
Top Elevation: Top elevation of the profiles.
Bottom Elevation: Bottom elevation of the profiles

Add To Maps
The list shows all the maps in the current project. The generated profile group will be added as a layer in each of the checked maps.

East-west: Profiles will be oriented from west to east.
North-South: Profiles will be oriented from south to north.

Profile Group Name:
Name of the group object node and prefix for each profile. Individual profiles will be named Prefix_N where N is the profile number starting from 1.

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