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XYZ Points Attributes

The XYZ Points Attributes window shows the dataset that is behind the XYZ Points object. In this window points can be selected and attributes can be modified. Multi select points with CTRL+Click.

The fields (columns) in the window can be modified from the context menu item “Visible Fields…”

Attributes can be edited in this window. Right-click in the window and the following actions are available:

Select Points…: Show the Select XYZ Points dialog for advanced point selection.
Select All: Selects all points.
Unselect All Selected Points: Unselects all points.
Inverse Selection: Inverses the current selection.
Enable Selected Points: Enables all selected points.
Disable Selected Points: Disables all selected points.
Set Point Type For Selected Points…: Set type tag for all the selected points.
Set Point Quality For Selected Points…: Set quality tag for all the selected points.
Set Point Remark For Selected Points…: Set remark for all the selected points.
Fit Selected Points To Surface…: Fits all selected points to a selected surface.
Remove Snap: Removes snap from all of the currently selected points that are snapped.
Save Edits: Save edits in the edited layer source.
Save Snapshot…: Saves the edited point dataset to a file.
Interpolate…: Starts the interpolation wizard for the XYZ Points object that is edited.
Import Points From CSV File…: Import XYZ Points from a csv file to the edited XYZ points.
Export Selected Points to CSV…: Export selected XYZ Points to a csv file.
Undo: Undo the last edited action
Redo: Redo the last edited action
Delete Selected Points…: Deletes all selected points.
Settings…: Opens the XYZ Points Editor Settings dialog.
Visible Fields…: Modifies the fields in the window.

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