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Pick Grid Nodes Tool

The Pick Grid Nodes Tool is used to select voxels surrounding a seed voxel selected by the user. The tool can be used on any 3D grid in the project if it has the same geometry as the 3D grid beeing edited. As an example the tool can be used to select voxels in a resistivity grid. The positions of the selected voxels are then used to set the lithology of voxels in another.


All: All voxels that meet the criteria are selected
Region Grow: All voxels that meet the criteria and is connected to the seed voxel are selected. In other words the selected voxels are all members of the same volumen or body surrounding the seed voxel.

Region Grow Mode
This mode defines how well neighbouring voxels should be connected to be considered
Face: Voxels must have at least one common face. This is the default mode and is also the fastest.
Face, Edge: Voxels must have at least one common face or edge.
Face, Edge, Corner: Voxels must have at least one common face or edge or corner.

Use Profile Buffer
Only voxels within the profile buffer is considered.

Value Selection

Discrete Grids:
The selected value is simply shown. No further options are available.

Floating Point Grids:
For floating point grids an interval surrounding the picked value must be defined
Picked Value: The value in the voxel selected by the user. This is the seed voxel.
Max Value Limit: A value larger than the picked value.
Min Value Limit: A value smaller than the picked value.

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