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Linked Grids Editor

The Linked Grids Editor window is shown when editing multiple discrete 3D grids simultaneously. This is also known as voxel modelling. See also Editing 3D Grids (voxel modelling)

3D grids with grid nodes at the same position in XYZ space and listed in the same group in the Object Manager can be edited as a voxel model.

Each of the edited grids are represented by a box. The box title shows the name of the edited grid.

Active: If checked the grid will be assigned the selected symbol in alle affected grid nodes when the current grid operation is applied.

Symbol: The selected symbol that will be assigned to the grid nodes.

Add..: Adds a new symbol to the list. This feature makes it possible to build the symbol list while editing.

See Also: Editing 3D Grids (voxel modelling)

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