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Source Manager

The Source Manager shows a list of all the sources in the current project. The Source Manager is launched from the main file menu or from the Dataset Editor.

Source list columns

TypeSource type. This may be a flat file, an Access database, etc.
SubTypeSource sub type, e.g., what type of Access database
UsedSays “Yes” if this particular source is in use in the current project by one or more clients.
OnlineSays “Yes” if the source is available for reading
SourcePath to local files or a URL. NOTE: If the text is blue the source if found locally in the project directory or in a sub directory althoug the source is actually set to a file in another directory. If the texy is blue and you want to change the project to look for the source in the current location double click the path and click OK in the source editor

Filters the content in the source list. If the “Source Manager” has been launched to select a source of a specific type this drop down contains only sources of allowed types.


Actions in the “Actions” button are also available in context menu

Shows configuration editor for selected source.

Deletes the selected source. Available only when the source is not in use.

Delete All Sources Not In Use…
Deletes all the sources that are not used in the current project

Make Relative Paths Permanent…
Approves all relative source paths and makes them permanent. Sources are often relative after a project has been moved from one disk location to another. Source locations in directories below the directory containing the project gsmod file is automatically recognized when moving a project.

Used By…
Shows a list of the clients using the selected source.

Move Up
Moves the selected source down in the list

Move Down
Moves the selected source up in the list

Locate Source…
Locates an existing source. The open dialog contains a filter for allowed types.

Create Source…
Creates a new source using the Create Source Wizard

Source Types

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