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Dataset Editor

Individual datasets are edited and configured using the Dataset Editor.

Source Box

The “Source” box contains properties for the source used by the dataset.

The text box shows the source location for the dataset. Press the […] button to select or create a new source for the dataset using the Source Manager. NOTE: If the text is blue the source is found locally in the project directory or in a sub directory although the source is actually set to a file in another directory.

Source type

Source online status (“Yes” or “No”)

Dataset Properties

The remaining properties are dataset specific and independent of the source.

Dataset Name:
Name of the dataset. By default the name is extracted from the source but the name may be any string. NOTE: the name must be unique within the current project.

Dataset Type:
Shows the dataset type

Shows the dataset use status (“Yes” or “No”)

Dataset Info:
Various key information for the dataset.

If the dataset has additional configuration options this button is enabled.

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