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Oracle Database Source

Connection to an Oracle database.

Oracle Server and Client
Oracle is a client/server database and an Oracle database must be installed on the machine that contains the database files. GeoScene3D needs an Oracle client to be able to connect to the database, e.g., Oracle Instant Client. The client must be installed on the machine that runs GeoScene3D.

Source Configuration Dialog

Configure database connection

Shows the current source path

Firebird Database Types
Unspecified (any Firebird Database)
Jupiter Database Format
Gerda Database Format

Database Properties and Login
Host Name: If the database file is located on the local machine type “localhost”. If the database file is on a remote machine running an Oracle database then type the host name or IP address of that machine.
Database: Name of database as define in the Oracle database.
Scheme: Schema name (user) as defined in the Oracle database. This schema must represent a database of one of the types listed above.
Port: Database port on database host machine: Default: 1521
Decimal separator: Decimal separator used in the database. “,” or “.”
User Name: Database user name
Password: Database password

Test Login…
Simply tests the connection

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