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Source for GeoCloud

GeoCloud is an online internet data storage service. GeoCloud publishes a number of databases and other data sources for use within GeoScene3D. Using GeoCloud is simple. Instead of browsing for a database file on a local disk or network drive you simple select one of the databases available in GeoCloud.

As for all other source types GeoCloud does not have to be online when loading a project, only when refreshing from source.

Note: To use GeoCloud an internet connection must be available and the GeoScene3D application must be granted access to the port number specified in the source. Default port is 50567.

GeoCloud Server In this box the server address and user login is specified. Host Name: Default is “” for the I-GIS hosted service Port: Default is 50567 User Name: Use “GSPublic” for access to all free data sources Password: Leave blank for “GSPublic” Test Login: Test availability of service perform test GeoCloud Source Login

GeoCloud Server Source This box shows what source database or file within GeoCloud that is selected. Name: Data of data source, e.g., “DK_Jupiter” Type: Type of data source, e.g., “Jupiter” Version: Version of database or file Select Source: Opens the dialog GeoCloud Source Selection dialog for source selection within GeoCloud

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