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Layer Manager

The layer manager layers in a Map Window are added, removed and configured. The map layers are shown in the list in the upper portion of the dialog. Double-click layer to open the Layer Symbology Editor for the clicked layer

From the context menu a set of actions for the map layers are available. Most of these actions are also available from the toolbar. However, each action is described below in the order they appear in the context menu.

General map settings are modified in the Map Editor

Layer Symbology…
Shows the Layer Symbology Editor for the selected layer.

Layer Properties…
Show the layer properties editor for a specific layer type.

Layer Source Data…
Shows the Map Layer Source Data dialog.

Layer Attributes Table
Shows the map layer attribute editor

Rename Layer
Changes the layer caption

Add Layer…
Add a new map layer using the Add Map Layer Wizard.

Refresh Layer
Refreshes the selected layer from source data.

Update Surfaces Using This Map…
Adds the current map to a surface if the Surface Bitmap Mode type is selected From Map under Material tab in the Surface Object properties.

Move Up
Moves the selected layer up.

Move Down
Moves the selected layer down.

Remove Layer…
Removes the selected layer

Export Layer To File…
Exports the selected vector based layer to a shape or tab file

Add Layer Group (Hierarchy)
Adds a new layer hierarchy group. Drag and drop is supported for hierarchy groups.

Delete Layer Group (Hierarchy)
Deletes a hierarchy group. When deleting a group the layers are moved to the group named “Other”. The group “Other” represents layers that are not actively added to a group. The group “Other” can not be deleted.

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