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Scene Extent And Performance

One of the first concepts you will meet when creating a new project is the “Scene Extent”. The Scene Extent defines the current 3D visualization area. Although it is possible to link to very large amounts of data it may not be visualized all at once.

In theory a scene can be any size. The only real limitation is performance of your system. A small scene with high detail may perform similarly to a large model with less detail. Therefore, when adding data it is important to consider both the need for detail versus performance.

Start out with a small extent to test the system. Then gradually increase the extent size to find out where the limit in your current system is.

If the scene extent is too large for the system the application becomes instable and may even crash.

A good graphics card is essential for good performance.

  • Must support OpenGL 2
  • At least 512MB of dedicated RAM, 1024MB is recommended
  • Manufactured by ATI or nVidia
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