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Offline Data

A GeoScene3D project usually links to many sources of external data that may be located in either local directories or mapped network drives. Because of these links to data a project can not easily be moved to another computer without breaking the data connections. This is a problem say if you want to send a project to a colleague, or if you are giving a presentation away from your data.

GeoScene3D handles this problem by saving projects in an offline state. The saved project keeps a copy of the data that is currently seen on the screen when saving the project. All these data are saved in the gsmod file. If the links to the external data are broken the project opens anyway and shows exactly what was on the screen when the project was saved. However, if the data is offline it is not possible to refresh from source or move the scene extent.

Data is only refreshed form source when the user does that manually or is moving the scene extent.

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