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With blanking it is possible to blank data using Profiles (polylines) and Regions (polygons). With blanking you can create a simple cut-out in the scene or blank a complex geometry using multiple Profiles and Regions. Blanking is only done visually and if blanked data are still in memory.

Using normal blanking objects outside the blanked area are invisible. Using inverse blanking objects within the blanked area are invisible. All blanking objects (Profiles and Regions) are either normal or inverse blanked. Normal and inverse blanking is set in the “Blanking” menu.

A project may contain multiple blanking objects (Profiles and Regions). Multiple blanking objects may be active simultaneously. An active blanking object is marked with the text “BLANKED” in the Object Manager. With multiple simultaneously active blanking objects it is possible to turn sub sections of the scene on and off visually.

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