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Scene Extent Editor

Edits the current horizontal 3D scene extent.

Scene Extent Coordinates
The “Scene Extent Coordinates” box defines the horizontal X and Y min/max coordinates. The “Round” button rounds the coordinates to nearest number dividable by 100. The “Scene Extent” button retrieves the current scene extent.

Scene Size
In this box the width and height of the scene can be modified. When changing width and height the “X Max” and “Y Max” values are changed in the “Scene Extent Coordinates” box and visa versa. The Area box shows the resulting extent area.

See Working Width GeoScene3D for considerations regarding scene size

The Favorites box contains a list of favorite scene extents.
Save..: Saves the scene extent as a new favorite. NOTE: the saved extent is the extent shown above in the “Scene Extent Coordinates” box.
Use: Copies the coordinates from the selected favorite extent to the “Scene Extent Coordinates” box.
Delete: Deletes the selected favorite extent.

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