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Performance Monitor

The performance monitor shows 3D performance information. Use this tool to analyze performance problems.

General Performance
Shows frames per second (FPS) for the current camera. FPS is a measure of performance of the graphics card on the system. This number will decrease with the amount of data in the scene. Objects with high detail like surfaces impact performance more than other objects.

Object List
Rendering (drawing) an object in 3D takes time. The list shows the rendering time for each object measured in milliseconds (ms). When all objects has been rendered, one frame is completed. With increasing number of frames per second (FPS) navigation and rotation in 3D becomes smoother. All rendering times less than or equal to 15ms is very good. If an object takes a long time to render, e.g., 100ms then double click that object in the list or in the Object Manager to open the property editor to adjust settings. If no objects stands out and the number of objects is high, the only way to improve performance is to reduce the number of visible objects.

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