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Navigation Panel

The navigation panel contains buttons for easy and intuitive navigation of the camera through the scene. Experienced users most often use keyboard shortcuts to navigate. The “Fast” check box switches on fast navigation. Fast navigation is also active when pressing SHIFT in combination with shortcut keys. The navigation panel also has a button that resets the camera to a default position. Note: navigation speeds are configured in each camera.

XY Translation
Left: Left Arrow
Right: Right Arrow
Forward: Up Arrow
Backwards: Down Arrow

Up: Alt + Up Arrow, or Page Up
Down: Alt + Down Arrow, or Page Down

Left: CTRL + Left Arrow
Right: CTRL + Right Arrow
Nose Up: CTRL + Down Arrow
Nose Down: CTRL + Up Arrow

Forward Turn
Left: Left Arrow + Up Arrow
Right: Right Arrow + Up Arrow

In: Mouse Scroll Wheel Down, or CTRL + ALT + Up Arrow
Out: Mouse Scroll Wheel Up, or CTRL + ALT + Down Arrow

Reset Camera Position
Resets cameras to the default position

Fast Navigation
Check the “Fast” check box for fast navigation

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