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General Settings

The “General Settings” dialog contains various settings for the general behavior of the application. For settings concerning the current project see Project Settings

General Tab

Automatically Freeze Viewers Not Focused (Perfomance)
Viewers that are not currently focused will not be refreshed. Only the active focused viewer is refreshed. To refresh an inactive viewer simply click the title bar of the window to activate it. This option optimizes performance considerably.

Automatically Update Frozen Viewers
Viewers that are automatically frozen will be updated at an interval of a few seconds.

Conserve CPU When Application Is Not Focused
To enable keyboard navigation and animations GeoScene3D uses an internal clock which generates CPU load. When this option is checked this internal clock is turned off when the application looses focus or if the user is inactive. Note: If animations are running the internal clock will not be turned off and CPU performance will not drop when the application looses focus.

Automatically Round New Scene Extent
The coordinates of a new scene extent is rounded to the nearest whole number as described below.
If the extent of the scene is 0-10 meter, no rounding occurs, if the extent is 10-100 meter, rounding to the nearest meter, if the extent is 100-1000 meter, rounding to the nearest 10 meter, if the extent is above 1000 meter, rounding to the nearest 100 meter.

Show Object Color In Object Manager
If selected, the color settings of the objects are visible in the Object manager.

Multi Threading
Uses multiple CPU cores when possible

Trim Process Memory Before Saving
Optimizes memory usage when project is saved. See Memory Monitor.

Auto Expand Object Manager Tree When Clicking Object
When checked the object manager tree automatically expands and highlights the tree node representing an object clicked in a 3D viewer or profile window

Log File Tab

Log File
Activates log file

Log File Name
Path and Name of current log file

Mouse Position Tab

The current mouse position is automatically shown in all maps, profile windows, and 3D viewers. This tab contain settings that control how the mouse position is shown.

3D Scene
Size: Size of the wire cross in scene units.
Width: Line width in pixels

Size: Size of the wire cross in pixels
Width: Line width in pixels

Size: Size of the horizontal line in the wire cross in pixels
Width: Line width in pixels

Backup Tab

A backup of the project gsmod file is automatically created each time the project is saved. The created backup file has the same name as the backed up file with the addition of “Backupckgedit”. To restore a backed up file simply remove the added string to recreate the gsmod file.

Automatically Delete Old Backup Files (move to recycle bin): Old backup files are automatically deleted (moved to the recycle bin).
Number of backup files to keep: When the number of backup files exceeds this number the oldest backup files are deleted (moved to recycle bin).

Grids Tab

Internal 2D Grid Value Type. The double-precision grid value type uses more memory compared to the single-precision grid value type.

Single Precision: The grid is stored in memory with single-precision values (4 bytes for each grid node)
Double Precision: The grid is stored in memory with double-precision values (8 bytes for each grid node)

Editing Tab

Automatically Add Edited Object to Map: If selected, the edited object will automatically be added to the Map.

Show Editor Toolbars in Windows

Main Window: Show/Hide editor toolbar in the editor tool window.
Profile Windows: Show/Hide editor toolbar in no or all profile windows.
Map Windows: Show/Hide editor toolbar in no or all map windows

NOTE: Changes will take effect when edit session is restarted or windows reopened

Online Tab

Internet services timeout: Timeout in milliseconds for internet services.

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